About Maria

Imagine with me, for a second, that tomorrow was suddenly wide open and free of obligations. What would you spend the day doing? How would you use that free time?

For me, the answer is easy – I would be drawing and painting pretty things all day long!

Hi, I’m Maria! I am a watercolor artist and fashion illustrator in Minneapolis, MN. My work is inspired by current fashion, vintage items, and anything that strikes me as beautiful. I put a unique twist on fashion illustration and watercolor through pops of color, elegant lines, and clean backgrounds.  I strive to provide high-quality products for my customers because I believe that art is something to be celebrated and treasured.



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My Story


I actually began my Etsy career selling handmade jewelry and scarves. When I rediscovered my love of drawing, my passion for art and the encouragement of family and friends convinced me to transition to selling my paintings and prints. When I’m not painting or working, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and exploring the Twin Cities.

About Maria Ahrens, watercolor artist & fashion illustrator in Minneapolis, MN

Fun Facts About Me

  • For some reason, I cannot and have never been able to whistle. I can, however, sing and play piano and guitar.
  • I love many different kinds of food, but I would rather not eat watermelon, asparagus, and buttered popcorn.
  • I’m kind of afraid of heights, but I love to go rock climbing.
  • My favorite sport to watch is women’s gymnastics. I was ecstatic when Carly Patterson became the all-around champion at the 2004 Olympics.
  • I love cop/mystery shows. I even enjoy those old Scooby-Doo cartoons, although my siblings love to tease me about that.
  • I love love love shopping Craigslist for our home! It’s not unusual for me to drag Russ across town to pick up my latest find, and he is such a good sport about it.
  • I have never paid for a haircut in my life. My mom cut my hair when I was a kid, and then I taught myself to do it in high school.


Thank you for visiting my blog! You can view and shop my artwork at mariaahrens.etsy.com.