Pack A SMART Wardrobe For Your Next Vacation

Are you going on a vacation this summer?

When I was growing up, packing for a vacation was a very organized affair. Our family of seven was guided by a master packing list drawn up by my mom. When you have five kids, preparing for a trip is no small task! But we always seemed to manage pretty well.

My interest in fashion over the years has helped me to refine my packing strategy even more. It feels so good to be prepared and have freedom in deciding what to wear even when living out of a suitcase!

If packing is a struggle for you and you want to know how I do it, just keep reading!

Packing for vacation


How To Pack A  S.M.A.R.T. Wardrobe For Your Next Vacation


Comfort is important, but it doesn’t require sacrificing style! Travel in clothing that is comfortable, but flattering and in good condition. Trust me – you will both look and feel better.


Packing with a “capsule wardrobe” mentality will give you the most outfit options while away from home. Instead of packing outfits, try packing a bunch of pieces (both tops and bottoms) that can be mixed and matched. Sticking to a color palette will make this easier. I typically wear a lot of neutral colors when I travel.


Let your trip activities and climate dictate what you pack. A suitcase full of impractical clothing isn’t going to do you any good. I always check the weather forecast for my destination before traveling, which helps. Also, if you’re packing for a wedding or another special event, make sure you know what the dress code is!


Stuff happens. Luggage can get lost or damaged. Things can get left behind. Unless you have a very good reason for packing items of sentimental or monetary value, I’d leave them at home.


Packing clothing that does not wrinkle easily and is easy to care for will save you a lot of effort and worry. This is especially important if your trip is long enough that you’ll be doing laundry while away.


Got any packing tips of your own? Join the conversation and share with us!


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