Pack A SMART Wardrobe For Your Next Vacation

Are you going on a vacation this summer? When I was growing up, packing for a vacation was a very organized affair. Our family of seven was guided by a master packing list drawn up by my mom. When you have five kids, preparing for a trip is no small task! But we always seemed to manage pretty well. My interest in fashion over the years has helped me to refine my packing strategy even more. It feels so good…

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3 Guidelines For Seamless Style-Blending At Home

Hello everyone! Today’s guest blogger is Heather Douglas, a local home stylist whose work has inspired me as I’ve been establishing our home’s aesthetic. I’ve been following Heather on Instagram and have found her tips to be super helpful. I’m excited for her to share her wisdom with you!   Hi there! I’m Heather, owner and stylist of Mysa Home Styling. I live in the Twin Cities with my husband in a 1960’s rambler that we’re slowly turning into our…

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Jewel Tones And Breaking The Rules

Jewel tones, in the summer? I’ll admit, it’s a bit unconventional. There is an expectation, or a “rule”, that summer clothing should be light and bright. However,Β that aesthetic doesn’t always appeal toΒ me. Regardless of the time of year, jewel tones are my favorite colors to wear. Fashion “rules” in general can drive me a little crazy sometimes. I often find them more limiting than helpful, and I think they can hold people back from truly discovering their personal style. I…

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