Shades Of Beige

Shades of Beige

sunglasses  |  Target  |  exact

trench coat  |  secondhand on eBay, hemmed by me  |  similar, similar

dress  |  Target (old)  |  my picks – similar, similar, similar

boots  |  secondhand Cole Haan via Tradesy  |  exact?, similar


This Minnesota girl was a wimp and chose not to brave the chilly winter weather for photographs. As a result, an unplanned outfit post hiatus occurred. I haven’t posted a look since September 14th! But now I am back, and I’m excited to share with you again as the temperatures rise.

Beige seems like such a boring color. However, there is something very refreshing about light, neutral tones in the spring. They are a relief on the eyes, especially after the darker shades of winter. Between our neutral garage door, my neutral trench, and the neutral background of my dress, I think we’ve got neutral more than covered here.

I have worn this dress over and over again and can’t get enough! Never thought I’d own a beige dress, but there’s a first time for everything. I saw it on the rack years ago, and the artistic flower print and contrasting trim just drew me in. Paired here with two of the best fashion items I’ve ever invested in (my trench coat and my slim, black suede boots), the overall ensemble makes an excellent bridge between winter and spring fashion.


Shades of Beige

Shades of Beige

Shades of Beige

Shades of Beige

How are you transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring?

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