Watercolor Art & Fashion Illustration

Artist Bio

Watercolor artist Maria Ahrens posing with painting on easel



Maria Ahrens is a self-taught watercolor artist and fashion illustrator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She graduated with a B.S. in Retail Merchandising (Apparel Track) from the College of Design at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2014 and started selling her artwork in online in 2016.

Maria's background in the fashion industry has certainly influenced her artwork. She also draws inspiration from people, architecture, nature, and her travels. Watercolor is her medium of choice, but she also enjoys working with sketch markers and ink pens and has even dabbled in acrylics.

In addition to selling her paintings and prints, Maria takes on a variety of commissions and collaborations for both personal and professional projects. She is also a wedding painter and live illustrator.

Maria is a current member of NEMAA (Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association) and the Minnesota Bride community.


Artist Statement

As an introvert with a vibrant imagination, I can't not create. When I am confronted with ugliness in the world, I seek out beauty. I try to paint things that will make eyes and hearts happy. My watercolor paintings are remarkably detailed, and I often use contrast and color to direct the eye and influence perception. I favor realism, but I love a dash of whimsy.